Motor Technology, Inc. [MTI] has designed a unique wireless monitoring system that provides you with a preemptive alert to prevent catastrophic failures and unscheduled downtime. This real-time continual monitoring of your critical equipment gives you peace of mind 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year from anywhere in the world!*
In addition to preventing equipment failures and unnecessary downtime, Wireless Monitoring by MTI increases the efficiency of machine maintenance by isolating the defective equipment and processes that interfere with optimal production. The ideal time to address problems that could cause potential failure in machines is before they occur.
Since developing and implementing this innovative technology at various facilities, MTI has prevented over $1 million in losses by alerting businesses to problems before they became completely disastrous.

*Internet connection required.

MTI’s Wireless Monitoring is unique in that it is an all inclusive system that collects and transmits data independent of your existing IT infrastructure, so there is no burden on your company’s IT department. Our equipment operates in the 900mhz frequency band. This means no interference from cell phones or your corporate Wi-Fi, and it uses FHSS (Frequency Hopping Spread Spectrum) to secure your data. MTI Wireless has experienced onsite vibration analysts with the skills and critical thinking capabilities necessary to succeed in creating a customized layout to fit your business needs.

Nothing is left to chance with the MTI Wireless system, we’ve meticulously engineered it to give you complete confidence in your equipment’s health. Sensors and wireless nodes are strategically placed on the equipment to be monitored by our skilled analysts. The nodes securely relay data; typically vibration and temperature; through various network configurations of gateways and multihops to the Controller Box, the brains of MTI Wireless’s proprietary system.

This collects, processes, and uploads the information to a secure cloud storage environment. It can be viewed anywhere and at any time, which gives you unlimited access to the condition of your equipment. The website provides you with the tools to prevent possible machine failures. The website’s dashboard shows up to the minute vibration and temperature information, and also sends email alerts notifying you, as well as MTI, when your equipment has exceeded predetermined alarm parameters.