Repair Services

We have gone through the rigorous EASA Accredited and Certification programs. Our capabilities include the repair, reconditioning, rewinding and machining of any type and size of AC or DC motor. All of the incoming motors or equipment to be repaired implement pictures and complete documentation to start the process. If capable, the equipment is ran and fully tested electrically and mechanically. Complete vibration analysis and documentation are provided. The motor or equipment is then completely disassembled, inspected, clean and baked.

All component parts are measured and documented to all OEM specifications and Industry Standards. Components that need replaced are assessed, evaluated and replaced. Bearings are installed per Timken certified instructions. All rotating equipment is dynamically balanced to NEMA or ISO specifications. The motor or equipment is then assembled per manufacturer’s specifications. Final testing at full rated voltage is then performed, with complete vibration analysis, to determine the quality of repair and ensuring trouble-free operation.

We have the ability to test run motors at full voltage up to and including 4160 VAC. During the test run procedure, technicians are monitoring every aspect of the equipment operation. This data is then incorporated into special reporting forms that are then emailed to the engineering staff at the customer location. This detailed report is an excellent tool to document equipment repair history.

We operate 24 hours seven days a week with three shifts, for your emergency needs.