Field Services

We offer a complete spectrum of field services for repair and troubleshooting, fault analysis, process optimization, and predictive maintenance vibration analysis, laser alignment, along with full-service full turnkey removal and installation of equipment needing to be repaired.

Specialties include vibration monitoring and analysis, laser alignment, precision field balancing, infrared thermography, oil testing, surge and efficiency testing. These services add to the system approach that we have implemented, to meet the needs of our most sophisticated customer equipment.

We offer laser alignment services which include identifying and correcting misalignment and soft foot issues documented with a comprehensive report. Our equipment can overcome shaft rotation restrictions providing precision alignment on difficult applications, measuring Horizontal and vertical “Live Move” with the ability to enter targets and thermal growth.

We specialize in complete turnkey removal, repair, and installation.

We come to your site, diagnose the situation, electrically disconnect the motor, rig and remove your equipment, provide transportation to our facility, make complete and certified repairs, provide transportation back to your facility, reinstall, electrically and mechanically connect, laser align, test and perform vibration analysis.